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Mindspace is The Creative Learning Agency. Working hand-in-hand with the world’s most innovative companies (our client list includes names such as Google, Starbucks and FedEx among others), we create beautifully-branded learning experiences and forward-thinking technologies that inspire and motivate modern learners.

Account / Project Management
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We’re searching for a great human being. We’d like you to have some skills and experience, but who you are is just as important. So let’s start with that. We’d like you to have three key attributes:

  • Resourceful: We need someone used to getting around obstacles. Find creative ways to get things done regardless of time or resource constraints.

  • Trusted: If we hire you, we’ll trust you. You can shape your own role, work when and where you like, and take time off whenever you need it. In return, we want your clients and colleagues to have confidence you’ll take care of them.

  • Inspiring: Help lift up your colleagues and do inspiring work that causes us to gather around your screen to ooh and aah. ​

If you can check off those three boxes, you'll thrive at Mindspace. Here are the skills you'll need:

  • Great communication skills: Clarify and enhance the message every time you communicate, on both sides.

  • Attention to detail: Triple check for quality and alignment with everything the client has said and sent previously.

  • Plan fire-drills away: Diffuse, don’t amplify, stress.

  • Get your hands dirty: Apply your talents to the projects you work on.


Here's what you'll do each and every day:

  • Assist the internal team to get projects done on time and on hours through every stage of our process.


And this is the experience we'd like you to have (with some flexibility):

  • 1+ years as a producer, account executive, project manager, event planner or something similar

  • An undergrad, bachelor’s or master’s degree in just about anything

  • Some life experience that adds a new perspective to our team


About Mindspace

We’re a small team of creative problem-solvers that think like an agency but work like a tech start-up. Our evolution as an agency has taken us from a traditional ad agency to gamification agency to creative learning agency. We love exploring new ideas and new technologies and value diverse voices that challenge the way we think.

Why you’ll love working with us:
  • We have a fun, laid-back agency environment and a killer office.

  • We have puppy playdates.

  • We offer flexible work schedules, remote working and a take-time-as-you-need-it vacation policy.

  • We inspire each other to think big and do our best work every damn day.

  • Full health benefits and matching 401k.


Send us your resume/portfolio, or live the rest of your life wondering what would have happened if you only applied to that job at Mindspace.

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