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Turn interested customers into repeat and expert customers who proudly advocate for your brand.

Retain customers and turn them into informed brand advocates with gamified experiences.

Customer loyalty and education programs provide brands with a means to keep customers coming back with ever-growing discretionary spending habits. Unfortunately, nearly every brand has some kind of loyalty or education program that more often than not gets ignored or lost in the numerous other programs that customers use.


Standing out from the crowd and creating loyalty and education programs that actually work requires creative thinking that leverages learning insights and brings actual value.


Educating as marketing


Customers are more informed than ever. They check reviews and study products and services before purchasing. It’s not enough to throw the same marketing materials at a customer who wants to take a deep dive into your brand.


Our customer education programs include an interactive and educational approach that works with your brand and marketing efforts to increase knowledge and retention. This fosters a community of customer insiders who understand and advocate for your brand.

Gamify the system, win repeat customers


It takes more than random points and discounts to build loyalty. The most effective loyalty programs begin by understanding your customers and providing them intrinsic motivators that keep them engaged.


Using the same principles and psychology made popular in games, Mindspace applies advanced gamification elements to programs that spur customer enthusiasm and push customer engagement. This provides actual value custom built to encourage repeat customers.


An important note: Gamification does not equal games and does not mean a cartoonish experience. Gamification principles can be applied in such a way that they are nearly invisible to users and match the tone of the brand being represented.


Impressionable, measurable and effective


Mindspace’s creative and insight-driven approach has created innovative customer loyalty and education programs that have reversed customer exoduses for multiple business segments and enterprises. If you’re considering a new loyalty or education program, drop us a line to see how we can collaborate to create one that will have a lasting impact on your customer base.

  • Educate clients on the elimination of free checking

  • Limit attrition rates with a 98% customer retention

  • Upsell a more profitable service at 700% above previous benchmarks

Employee onboarding + training

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Interactive marketing + product launches

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Event strategy + design

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Advanced gamification

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Customer education + loyalty programs

Delight, teach and gain lifelong advocates.

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