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Reduce turnover and turn knowledge into skills.

Do more than train. Engage, inspire and motivate.

Preparing the modern employee to react and think through problems means providing more than traditional learning and training. Throwing a training manual at a new hire or putting them through a weeks-long lecture course might be good enough for them to pass a test, but not much more.


At Mindspace, we use the latest technology and advanced gamification to create training and onboarding experiences that keep brains engaged and employees motivated. This makes employees happier and better prepared for their role in helping your organization reach its goals.


From bean to cup: an onboarding story


When the world’s most successful coffee company wanted to digitize their analog onboarding program, they turned to Mindspace.


We did more than take their training manual and put it on a website. We created a true-to-brand engaging learning experience that new employees actually enjoy. This new approach took their dense training material and used advanced gamification elements to create memorable experiences that were easier to retain. The digital learning could be taken on a tablet, at the new hires own pace, providing them a safe space to learn, fail and practice their skills—reducing stress and turnover.


The results were impressive, with significant reductions in cost and time to train, but the effect on the company with improved employee retention and opinion about their job is immeasurable.


How Mindspace training and onboarding can save you from hidden costs


Onboarding a new staff member can cost 22% of their annual salary on average. It can be even more expensive if you’re trying to teach pertinent job skills on top of standard HR content. Having an effective training and onboarding program can save on associated time and costs that you may not be considering, like wasted supplies, unsatisfied customers and low employee morale.


In the case of our coffee client, we helped them reduce costs on things like wasted cups, espresso and syrups by allowing employees to practice making drinks before they ever step behind the counter.


Creating training for the modern learner


Breakthroughs in technology allow for a new era in training and onboarding, but just throwing technology or gamification at the problem doesn’t guarantee improved outcomes or happier employees.


Applying strategic insights with creativity and the latest technology gives your employees the proper context and motivations for learning. This allows employees to learn in the way that’s best for them, whether that’s virtual reality simulations, on-the-job assistants or building a platform for learning that goes beyond the initial onboarding period.


Want to learn more about how we can help you create a branded and modern training or onboarding experience for your employees? Drop us a line.

  • Boost content retention
    by 97%

  • Increase user engagement by 95%

  • Reduce training time by 25%+

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