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Showstopping trade shows, conferences and workshops—we turn events into experiences that educate audiences and leave a lasting impression.

Surprise, delight and achieve your business goals.

Pulling off a memorable event can ignite your brand’s new initiative, reaching people who didn’t even attend. Whether you’re looking to build an interactive booth, put on a workshop or create a unique experience that attracts a crowd, our creative ideas and innovative designs can make it stand out and achieve your business goals.


How Mindspace creates one-of-a-kind experiences


Mindspace events attract crowds because we approach them differently from the start. First, we begin with your business goals and the key messages you want to communicate and keep them central to the concept. You'll never find us adding flash for the sake of flash.


Then, using lateral thinking, modern learning methods, and storytelling, we concept interactive event experiences that communicate your core messages meaningfully and stay in the memories of your audience long after the event has ended.


    1. Establish objectives


Do you have an event in mind, or are you looking for a way to reach a specific audience? Mindspace helps you define your business goals and uses them as a foundation for your event strategy. We translate your objectives to target the right event and reach the right audience.


    2. Strategic ideation


If you’re going to spend the effort to put on an event, make it worth your time by doing more than the standard booth or workshop with free swag. We study your target audience and leverage relatable insights, creative ideation, and innovative technology, like 360° video and VR, to construct new interactive experiences, creative themes, and engaging activities.


    3. Showtime


Mindspace goes above and beyond to deliver on your vision for the event. We design every step of the process to create beautifully branded experiences that attract and wow your target audience and deliver measurable results.


We’ve concepted innovative events for some of the most forward-thinking clients in the world, including Google, Old Navy and more. Drop us a line to see how a Mindspace event can help inspire your audience.

  • ​Increased Net Promoter Score by +200% 

  • Established a 98% mastery of key messages by attendees

  • Drew in over 1,000 engagements in just four hours

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