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Creating loyal customers through a virtual journey around the world.



Generate awareness for the Expedia Rewards program and drive a record number of customers to opt in. To do so, Expedia wanted an interactive experience that improved their bottom line by booking more trips at a higher spend per trip.



Use Expedia members’ wanderlust as a motivational strategy. Mindspace built a gamified campaign where users sent a personalized avatar around the world in 100 days to introduce new places and experiences, drive awareness and book more trips.

A journey begins with a single, digital point

Through a gamified portal and email campaign, users selected a personalized avatar to send around the world. By completing weekly tasks, including trivia, referrals, and booking real travel, players were rewarded with virtual currency, which would fund their avatar’s trips. The virtual currency also translated into Expedia Rewards points, which could be used to book real travel.


Dear Expedia customer,

To keep users coming back, avatars sent weekly personalized blog posts highlighting some

of the fun and adventurous activities that the user could look forward to at each locale.

Through virtual exposure to new places and experiences, players started creating itineraries and booking more trips.

The successful journey's end


The experience was Expedia’s most successful rewards program to date—

and that’s definitely something to write home about.





Increase in

Email Open Rate

Click Through Rate


Scope of services


Design   |   Creative Direction   |   Content Strategy & Creation   |   HTML5 Development   |   Gamification   |   Custom Video & Photography   |   Learning Motivation Design

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