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Delivering the ideal customer experience through soft skills training.



Turn a days-long soft skills training into a quick, fun experience that aides employees in providing consistently great customer service. Explore the commonalities that unite FedEx culture worldwide.



An immersive visual and auditory journey around the world. Employees are introduced to service tools like empathy and how to connect vocal cues to emotional states, then asked to put them into practice through interactive scenarios.  

Delivering the Purple Promise


Whether shipping 19 penguins to New Orleans or a birthday present to your nephew, FedEx is all about delivering a fantastic brand experience. Working closely with the FedEx brand team, Mindspace iterated on a design that felt fresh while staying true to the core brand.

360 degrees of history


To build company culture across borders, and provide a sense of history, employees explore 360° photos of international FedEx hub cities. Within the photos, employees can discover fun company facts, meet locals and demonstrate their mastery of the materials.



Emotion through audio


To bring concepts to life, Mindspace created audio-based interactions that focus on connecting pitch, volume, cadence and tone of voice to emotional states.


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Scope of services


Design   |   Creative Direction   |   Content Strategy & Creation   |   HTML5 Development   |   Gamification   |   Custom Video & Photography   |   Learning Motivation Design

Made with Fathom


Because the learning modules are built in Fathom, supervisors can assign lessons, track individual progress and run reports to see who is excelling and who needs a little help.

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