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Motivate and engage distracted customers and employees with advanced gamification strategies custom-made for your content.

Gamified, interactive experiences that make learning a joy.

Whether you’re training new hires, marketing a product or building a dashboard to motivate employees, gamification increases long-term audience engagement and retention. Not only does it help achieve business goals, it creates an experience that people actually enjoy (instead of dread).


Engage chronically distracted audiences


Audiences today have shorter attention spans, are busier than ever and demand premium experiences. Your training or marketing campaign needs to stand out.


Mindspace applies the underlying principles, mechanics and psychology that keep us playing games to grab attention, motivate users and boost retention.


Think about it. Civilization has been playing games for thousands of years. Why? Because these games trigger something in us—whether it’s problem-solving, curiosity, the desire to compete or the need to collect.


Today, it’s no different. But instead of just playing for leisure, we use those same ideas to spur engagement and hold the attention of your employees and customers.


Why Mindspace gamification gets better results


At Mindspace, we’ve developed a form of gamification we call advanced gamification. Unlike a 3D world game or a points, badges and leaderboard system, we develop custom gamification strategies based on:


  • your learning or business objectives

  • your audience

  • your content


Instead of bolting on some off-the-shelf gamification solution to your project, we gamify your content, apply modern learning methods and time-tested marketing principles to create experiences that add true value for your audience and achieve your business goals.


Premium feel and custom-branded


Consumers today have been conditioned to expect only the best from digital experiences. If an app is slightly subpar, it’s a few taps to delete it and find a better one in the app store. The bar is high for your training or marketing campaign.


As the creative learning agency, Mindspace prides itself on creating experiences that are written, designed and developed to exceed your audience’s expectations. In addition, they are custom created to match your brand, voice and culture exactly, so users get a seamless brand experience.


For digital, analog or blended experiences


Gamification isn’t just for digital projects. Mindspace has worked with a number of clients to gamify analog experiences, too.


From card games and interactive posters, to pin-based reward systems and everything in between, we can apply game mechanics to any project, whether analog, digital or a blend of the two.


You choose: consultation or full project execution


Mindspace can take a gamification project from idea to execution, or provide insight, expertise and strategy on a project your internal team is working on. Our approach is flexible and collaborative to ensure your business objectives are met and your employees and customers get the most engaging gamified experience.


Interested in learning more about our unique approach to gamification? Drop us a line.

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Advanced gamification

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