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Preparing Google ambassadors for the greatest tech show on earth.


Hey Google, how do you get 200 people ready to talk with tech journalists and enthusiasts about the virtues of the Google Assistant? A two-day interactive and immersive workshop to learn all about the features,  benefits and real-life applications of Google's smart Assistant.  



Leading up to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Google Brand Ambassadors were in high demand from over 60 Google OEM Partners like LG, Sony and others. They wanted a knowledgeable Ambassador on-site to discuss the functions and benefits of integrated technologies like the Google Assistant, Android TV, and more. 


In just two days, Google had to transform everyday people (with varying levels of familiarity with Google products) into knowledgable, accurate Google experts ready to rep the brand.  



Mindspace designed and executed a two-day immersive and high-energy live event that included multiple speakers, live-action scenes, and a full day of learning games and activities.


Wrapped in a "day in the life" theme, attendees followed stories of different modern families to see how Google products could make their lives a little better and a whole lot easier.

Throughout the event, top performers competed to earn Google tickets that could be exchanged for branded swag and products.


Day One


Google employees took center stage as they talked about the key features and benefits of the Google Assistant. Participants broke out into groups to help their assigned family use partner hardware and the Google Assistant to solve real-life challenges. Back at centerstage, attendees experienced a live-action and high-energy reenactment of one family's experience with the Google Assistant.

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Day Two


A complete overnight change of the training space created a visually distinctive focus for the content on the second day. Building a series of different rooms, we created a colorful, fun, gameland in which participants rotated in their groups to participate in a series of trivia and physical gameplay focused on select micro-topics.


Before the event, only 70% of participants had some awareness of the Google Assistant (with a lot of knowledge gaps). After the workshop, 95% perfectly described the functions and benefits of the Google Assistant in their own words and were ready for the conference floor.

Post-workshop, 95% of participants perfectly described the functions and benefits of the Google Assistant. 

Pre-workshop, 63% of participants knew which devices worked with the Google Assistant.

Post-workshop, 93% were able to correctly identify the devices that worked with the Google Assistant by the end of the training.

Scope of services

Creative Direction   |   Content Strategy & Creation   |   Event Design   |   Gamification
Event Strategy + Planning   |   Event Execution

Behind the scenes

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