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Educating a global workforce on an entire ecosystem.



Evolve Google’s digital training to reach sales associates at retailers around the globe. Inspire brand loyalty, underscore the value of using products and services together, and reduce customer returns.



An interactive training series featuring real-world sales simulations, branded lifestyle videos, ecosystem-focused messaging and gamified content to inspire learning. Translated into 16 languages for global reach. 

Ok Google, let's train


As one of the most recognizable brands in the world, Google sets the standard for clean design that isn’t afraid to have a little fun. 


Mindspace incorporated much of the fresh visual language of material design including intentional white space, bold color choices and meaningful motion.

Easter eggs, secrets and fun


Animations, interactions and a Googley easter egg or two elevate training to engage the learner and boost retention. As the learner progresses, they collect letter tiles to unlock a secret reward.

The Google life


Day-in-the-life vignettes create an emotional connection to Google products and services while demonstrating real-world usage. Characters in the videos appear throughout the modules. 

Sales simulation


In a sales simulation game, trainees test their product knowledge while helping a virtual associate sell Google products. Correct answers ensure a sale, incorrect answers mean a customer will purchase a product, but return it later.

Scope of services


Design  |   Creative Direction   |   Content Strategy & Creation   |   HTML5 Development   |   Gamification   |   Custom Video & Photography   |   Learning Motivation Design


Made with Fathom


Mindspace used Fathom to create each module, then exported SCORM files for deployment in over 50 unique learning management systems.

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