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Bringing the magic of Google to a chaotic conference floor.



Create a fun, engaging and Googley booth experience that attracts tech conference attendees and educates them on key product and service messaging.



A larger-than-life Google Cardboard booth. Inside, a 360° interactive video that transports attendees to Google HQ for an unforgettable tour of the campus and the Google ecosystem.

Stand out in the sea of sameness


Most conference booths are all the same: some variation of a living room layout with loud, thumping music to get you “amped.”


Our take was to create something that demanded attention and truly captured the high-tech/low-tech spirit of Google, right down to the choice of materials: cardboard. 

Curiouser and curiouser


To spark curiosity and encourage a focus on education, we created an enclosed, calm, white interior space that provided a layer of separation from the chaos going on outside. 


Cardboard headsets and a 360° video provided a novel way to learn about the ecosystem.

Three hundred and sixty degrees of Google


Via a 360° video, attendees were transported to the Googleplex in Mountain View, California where a mysterious narrator gave them a tour of the campus and the products made there.

Behind the scenes


Mindspace developed a narrative involving a Google engineer that created a teleportation helmet. Production was completed over two days, moving quickly between campus landmarks.


Mastery of Content

Total Engagements
in 4 Hours

Increase in
Net Promoter Score

Scope of services

360° Video Production  |   Creative Direction   |   Content Strategy & Creation   |   Event Design   |   Gamification   |   Event Strategy + Planning   |   Event Execution

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