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Shareable, behavior-changing marketing and customer education campaigns that grab the attention of the chronically distracted.

Inspire action with interactive marketing campaigns.

Mindspace takes a different approach to marketing to today’s distracted audiences. It isn’t about how many eyeballs you can shove your brand in front of, or how loud you scream at potential customers. It's about education that inspires real behavior change.


Mindspace's approach to marketing uses modern learning methods to change behaviors


Let's break it down. You have a message you want to communicate to a prospect or customer. Ideally, you'd like for the viewer to retain that information, share it with others and for that message to encourage the consumer to make a purchase or take the next step (behavior change). 


In our work for Expedia, we created a gamified marketing campaign where globe-trotting avatars motivated consumers to learn more about Expedia's rewards program and spend their earned points on travel (behavior change). It was their most successful campaign ever at the time.


For American Heart Association, we built a microsite and marketing materials that engaged everyday people to participate in the largest study around health and wellbeing by donating their personal health and genetic information (behavior change).


Our approach to marketing encourages consumers to interact with and enjoy your brand to create loyal ambassadors that help spread your message exponentially.


Using modern learning methods to launch new products


When it comes to launching a new product or service, our expertise in creative learning provides clients with innovative strategies to ensure a successful launch.


Mindspace uses the same modern learning tactics that Fortune 100 companies use to train their employees to create campaigns that educate your target customers on new products. These campaigns draw attention, showcase your new product and it's key features and benefits, and stick in the minds of the people you want to reach.


Our campaigns engage audiences around the globe and have provided impressive results for brands like Google, Showtime and other innovative companies. 


Campaigns powered by big ideas


Mindspace improves upon traditional creative advertising agencies’ approach to campaigns. We create interactive campaigns that do more than inform. They change behaviors. And that requires big ideas. 


Instead of slapping on an interactive component as a last minute add-on to the same tired banner ad, social and TV campaign, we concept from the start with big, interactive idea in mind. This core allows for engaging campaigns built to achieve marketing and business goals.


There’s no one way to come up with a game-changing idea. However, over our 15 years collaborating on creative campaigns with our clients, we’ve come up with strategies that get results.


Learn more about our novel approach to marketing and product launches. Drop us a line. 

  • 60% open rate

  • 40% click-through rate

  • 20:1 ROI

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