Beer. Fun. Learning. But mostly beer. Salud.


Engage Lagunitas Taproom visitors in an interactive and digital way to get a hop-filled history lesson about the beer that speaks.  


Two mobile games with an education chaser: Hop Quiz (to find your ideal beer) and Next Round, a collection of minigames to be played with friends (where the next round is on the loser).

A dating game, but for beer

In Hop Quiz, players have two choices to find the next love of their life: answer a few questions or spin the bottle and let fate decide. After finding their perfect beer match (and getting a little education through the beer's profile), players can saddle up to the bar for a pint in a free Lagunitas mason jar.

A healthy dose of history for hop-heads

Lagunitas has a passion for bringing people together, so we created Next Round to get people a-talkin' and a-learnin'. In this group game, beer lovers take turns playing mini-games like Lagunitas trivia, two truths and a lie, charades and would you rather. Here's the tricky part: each round has a hotword. The person who says it has to buy the next round for the table. 


The results? Fun is had, beer is drank and camaraderie blossoms. Oh, and everyone learns a little more about their favorite brew.  

Scope of Services

Design   |   Creative Direction   |   Content Strategy & Creation   |   HTML5 Development   |   Gamification   |   Custom Animation   |   Learning Motivation Design


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