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Scorminator Takes Aim

By the power of SCORM, your files will be Scorminated!

We are proud to announce the limited release of our fun and retro-themed SCORM conversion tool, Scorminator. With Scorminator, we take aim at some of the common technology problems that plague learning and training teams, as well as HR departments alike.

“We have videos on another site and we’d like them to be available in the LMS.”

“Our company has several job aids and training manuals in PDF format, but in order to organize them our IT department said they needed to be in SCORM format.”

“There are several slide decks that contain really good information, but there’s no way to combine them with other digital training we have.”

“Our company is growing rapidly, and needs to streamline our training materials into a common format.”

What is SCORM, and Why is it Difficult?

SCORM (Shareable Content Object Reference Model) is the most common format for digital learning and training files---the one you’ll need to be aware of if you’re using most traditional LMS (Learning Management System) packages. If you’d like to become more fluent with the standards, check out this link. If you’re someone new to the industry, or you’ve picked up a new project assignment, it will certainly be helpful to do your research to understand what you’re up against.

But don’t fear… Scorminator takes the uncertainty out of moving forward purposefully with your digital learning and training strategies. As this blog post mentions, the options to turn your “non-eLearning” digital content into SCORM format are few, and limited in their scope. No more. Scorminator takes virtually any file (.doc and .docx, .ppt and .pptx, PDF, video files, and more) and turns it into the format your LMS or IT department demands.

What is “Limited” About this Release?

Scorminator currently allows 2 file conversions per day, per account. There are also a few cool things (templating options and combining files to name just a few) on the roadmap that we’re excited to release after we’re able to get some feedback from real users solving real problems. If you have a large number of files to scorminate, or you have other suggestions, don’t hesitate to reach us via email. For all of your Scominating needs, visit


Happy Scorminating!

Words by Chad Bellin, Director of Products and Strategy at Mindspace.

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