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Gamifying barista training to achieve the perfect cup.


Digitize and condense weeks of onboarding, reducing training resources and creating a safe space for new employees to learn Starbucks’ signature customer service and coffee-making.


Interactive, branded learning modules that help new baristas learn everything from where coffee is grown to how to call a drink. Advanced gamification turns knowledge into skills—without the stress of being on the line. 

Handcrafted experiences

The success of Starbucks comes not only from their brew, but also the experience they create in each store and interaction. Mindspace partnered closely with Starbucks to craft a custom look and feel for employee learning that matches their meticulously curated brand.  

Stories from bean to cup

Inspirational branded videos reimagined traditionally technical content to teach baristas the history of Starbucks, how to get to know their customer, and how to help customers make a better cup at home.

A picture worth a thousand words

Using real baristas as models and actual stores as sets, Mindspace staged and shot custom photography for use in the modules.

Games to teach and reduce stress

Using interaction design, game mechanics and learning principles, Mindspace created several games that transformed dry content, boosted retention of key messages and turned knowledge into skills.

Training can be stressful. And stress can lead to increased turnover. Gamified simulations allowed baristas to practice making your favorite drinks without wasting resources like cups, and without the added stress of doing it live. Baristas were better prepared to make fewer mistakes when they got behind the bar.

A guide for the guide

Trainers each received activity guides that aided them in guiding new hires through the onboarding process.

Content retention

User engagement

Reduction in training time

Scope of Services

Design   |   Creative Direction   |   Content Strategy & Creation   |   HTML5 Development   |   Gamification   |   Custom Video & Photography   |   Learning Motivation Design


Made with Fathom

Because the learning modules were built in Fathom, supervisors could assign lessons, track individual progress and run reports to see who was excelling and who needed a little help.

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