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Quickly communicate complex information, making it more digestible and memorable for your employees and customers.

Press play on more effective communications.

Just think about the first thing people do when they really want to learn something new. More than 1 billion unique visitors a month go to YouTube to watch a video.


Providing branded training and explainer videos to your employees and customers gives them another tool to improve their understanding of complex materials and information.


Videos outperform traditional reading materials and lectures when it comes to engaging an already distraction-prone audience. If done correctly, this can change the way your workforce and customers interact and understand your company’s initiatives.


Mindspace videos increase content retention


Mindspace uses visual storytelling and modern learning methods to produce training and explainer videos that engage your target audience. This leads to better retention of complex information from your customers, which leads to more purchases and brand loyalty, and reduces training time and resources for more effective employees.


People want premium content


Today’s customers and employees demand premium content and expect educational material to hold their attention, or they’ll think the information is not important.


Audiences recognize low-quality videos immediately and tune them out. Mindspace live-action training videos and animated explainer videos have the same production quality as a commercial production, and always do more than just have a talking head read from the training manual or see/say visuals.


Mindspace creates training and explainer videos that connect with audiences because they don’t look or feel like typical business videos.


Start with your learning objectives for more powerful storytelling


The first step to creating an effective training or explainer video is to focus on your objectives. Mindspace combs through the information you want to convey and focuses on the best ways to communicate key messages to your employees and customers. Then we translate the information into a more engaging and accessible visual story that reflects your brand while improving comprehension.


Next, we leverage modern learning techniques, like cascading information theory, so our videos grab your audience’s attention, engage them and improves retention of complex information.


To learn more about our approach and see examples, drop us a line.

  • Employee training

  • On-boarding

  • Explaining benefits information

  • Internal communications

  • Customer education

  • New product and service launches

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