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The LMS you've been waiting for.

Seamlessly organize all of your learning content together—in virtually any format—and motivate your learners to  achieve more.

Deploy and track presentation slides, PDFs, virtual reality (VR), instructor-led training, e-learning, HTML and more.


A customizable tool to create 
better learning experiences

Simply upload all your learning content into Fathom, drag and drop it into custom learning paths and assign it to your users.


Fathom keeps track of who’s completed what and rewards users with easy to manage, built-in gamification tools.

So much more than SCORM
If you’re like most, your learning content isn’t just in SCORM-compliant modules. It’s in slides, PDFs, instructor-led training, websites and more. There’s only one problem: you can’t keep track of who has and hasn’t consumed it.
Unlike a traditional LMS, Fathom helps you deploy, organize and track all of your learning experiences, all in one place. 
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Whether you have 10 employees or 10,000, Fathom allows for customization based on the individual, location, job, group or anything else you need.

   •     Dynamic reporting and tracking
   •     Flexible roles and permissions 
   •     Easy content management



With all your learning content in one place, you can create more effective learning and track almost any activity, even live events.

    •     SCORM and xAPI compatible
    •     Built to the highest security standards
    •     Easy to add API integrations

Why modern learners love Fathom 


Fathom is built with simple UI/UX that works intuitively on any device.

    •     Mobile-first design
    •     Simple login, self-registration and SSO support 
    •     Organized learning paths



Fathom motivates employees to learn with easy to manage tools like in app feedback, text, email and scheduling that encourages a culture of learning. 

    •     Easy to implement branded learning content
    •     Game mechanics, points, badges and leaderboards 
    •     Create microlearning moments and feedback

You've got learning here, there and everywhere—now it can all just be here.
Fathom the Possibilities

See for yourself why companies like Google, Starbucks and FedEx use Fathom to author and deliver branded learning experiences. 

Request a demo today by calling us at 480-941-8497

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