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Compliance Isn't Simply Checking a Box

What if compliance training wasn't simply compliance training? Checking a box for each of your employees to avoid a fine from the government is one thing, but it's helpful to stop and think about why you need to do it. Rather than making it a chore that nobody really wants to partake in, why not turn it into something that creates actual value for your company? Whether it's safety training that ultimately helps increase productivity or harassment training that creates a better environment for everyone - compliance is so much more than compliance.

Along those lines, we came across this podcast from Dr. Robin Petterd of Sprout Labs in Australia. In it, he discusses with Michael Roberts of IPM Consulting the mentality shift that turns "have to" into "want to".

[2:07] - "Most organizations... think of work health and safety in a legal framework, which brings them to an 'I have to do it' sort of context, which becomes a chore." In other words - we're doing a thing because there are laws in place that require us to. That's a bad place to start...

[2:58] - Michael points out that organizations that have the most effective safety training look at it from the perspective of managing risk. Rather than simply complying with regulations, they see the purpose of those regulations and how it can have a positive effect on their workplace. Now you're doing compliance training for yourselves - not so much for "them."

[4:15] - The shift can be powerful, taking the "have to" mentality into "want to." Trainers want to get their employees home safe every day. Employees want to make sure they're doing their job efficiently and safely. It becomes a team effort to get on the same page. HR and safety shouldn't be the enemy.

[7:15] - "When 'Want To' is the mentality, you don't lose productivity due to people resisting the system. Rather, they're positively engaged... and take responsibility."

[9:17] - The means of training makes a big difference, too. Just because you have the right attitude doesn't mean it'll be effective. Rather than deliver a 15-page document, why not create (or purchase) the materials to engage your employees with rich interactive content that is more likely to stick and shift their mindset?

They go on to talk about specific examples in factories, offices, and even a zoo. To listen to the whole thing:


On a related note, we have created compliance training for sexual harassment - designed to engage and do our part in contributing to a better workplace environment (and society). Interested? Hit us up!

Words by Joshua Schlag, Head of Marketing at Mindspace (and avid fan of all sorts of podcasts).

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