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Introducing Xout Harassment



“Locker Room Talk”.

Whatever your gender and regardless of your sexual orientation, you’ve probably experienced an uncomfortable situation in the workplace. Maybe it was a racy comment about the way a client was dressed, or a too-open discussion about what the new sales guy did at his bachelor party. Or a glancing touch from a supervisor. Or an unsolicited invitation to dinner.



Just Gross.

But are any of these sexual harassment? Take the quiz to find out.

Training: It’s the Law

Many states now require employers to provide anti-sexual harassment training to their employees, and nearly all states without laws actively encourage employers to provide at least basic awareness training. Certain states even require additional, separate training for managers and supervisors. Unfortunately, much of the training available - whether in-person or delivered online - is less than captivating. Though informationally accurate, these sessions can be a real drag to get through. And when it comes time to actually identify a situation, the training isn’t memorable enough to help.

We at Mindspace had the pleasure of working with HR Workplace Services to create an innovative, interactive digital module specifically designed to educate employees about workplace sexual harassment. This course meets the 2019 requirements for many states, including New York (and New York City). While developing the visual design and curriculum, we wanted to create an experience, complete with relatable stories as examples. And understanding that carving out time for training (even compliance training) is challenging, our course is designed to be taken on any screen, any time.


Get more information and watch our video at

Words by Chad Bellin, Director of Products and Strategy at Mindspace.


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